How to Update Printer Driver in Computer

Printer driver in computer can be quite a hassle for a lot of people. Most issues that occur with printer driver are either outdated or corrupt drivers. These issues may affect your computer performance and give you a lot of headaches. Updating drivers is basically the only way to solve these problems. It can fix bug, improve stability, and add new features and capabilities. If you are updating your operating system or experiencing some printing error, updating printer drivers may solve your problems. Here is the way to find out an outdated printer and how to download the latest printer driver on Windows 7.

First of all you need to detect an outdated printer driver in computer. Click “Start”, type “Devices and Printer” in the search box and press enter. A window should appear and show all the available printer on the system. Find any printer icon with yellow exclamation point on it. The yellow exclamation means you need to update your driver immediately. For some devices, if the printer drivers are outdated, the icon of the printer may disappear completely. But even if you don’t find any error or notice from Windows, you can still download new drivers to fix some bugs that you will probably encounter.

To update you printer drivers, first you have to check your printer model. The name and the number are usually attached to the printer or you can find it on “Devices and Printers” windows. After ensuring your printer model, go to its manufacturer’s website and browse you devices model by typing its name and number in the search bar. Before downloading the drivers, select the operating system of your computer. Downloading printer drivers that are not compatible for your operating system is a waste of time. After you finish downloading, run the installer to install the printer driver in computer. Some cases may require a reboot, but it is shouldn’t be a problem. After the reboot, your devices should work properly.

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